How Membership Works

Please take a minute to read through this to help answer any questions you may have about what HABITAS membership is all about.


HABITAS Membership is far greater than a membership with a list of amenities. Membership touches the four pillars of HABITAS.

Each pillar is designed to bring a unique perspective, fresh mindset and strong values to life - all over the world - in a way that is tangible to each one of us. This is the foundation from which a deep connection to ourselves, each other and the natural world can grow. Membership is an invitation to be on this journey with us.


HABITAS Members are part of a unique collection of those who have found our events, hotels, music or our personal friendship over the years. There are members living from NYC to LA - From SF to Miami and Israel to London. As a group we are not defined by our location, our vocation or our social status - rather by our mission - to Live Inspired.

At HABITAS we strive to create environments that help us all feel at home, relaxed, safe and expressed. A few of our values are sharing, contribution and participation. We deeply value your input, feedback and initiative as membership will be evolving over the months and years until we collectively create something that is unique, special and where each one of us has a whole world we can call home.


Membership for us is much larger than one single physical location. But we’ve got some great physical locations! Clubhouses are here for each one of us to use in our unique way. It’s a clubhouse in the truest sense of the term - not a private restaurant or bar like many other members clubs. These are spaces for us all to share, create and experience.

The HABITAS team will be sharing experiences from diners and brunches, to movie nights, conversations and late night intimate concerts. We welcome you to use the space as you’d like and to bring your energy and ideas to life here. Whether you need to reserve a room for a meeting or host a 50 person dinner party in the Club Room in NYC, we’re here to create and host with you. The houses also serve as a gathering point from which we’ll go explore the cities and surrounding areas that we all call home.


The Firehouse, built in 1897 , has been fully restored and designed to be our home in NYC.

There are 4 floors, 6 levels plus a courtyard and recording studio in the stable.


A 1947 fully restored Venice Beach home designed to be our secret hide away on Abbot Kinney.


Treat it like your home and please feel welcome to bring your guests. Our guesting guideline is 2 guests at any one time. We welcome larger groups - please check in with house management to ensure that we can accommodate your group. Guests will be treated like members and will have access to all the same amenities, food, beverage and services.

There may be a small fee or minimum for a larger groups of guests and are fees are assessed on a case by case basis. In the future, there may be a small per guest, per day fee for the Clubhouses. We may waive or introduce a small guest fee for any period of time for all members at any clubhouse. Guest fees are designed and only implemented when needed so that we can continue to provide many of our offerings in casual, informal way and not charge per item.


We seek to learn, grow, connect, be inspired, have some good fun, stay healthy, get healthier, get healthy again, eat great food, hear beautiful music and support each other and those around us in our creative endeavors to leave this world better than we found it. Our clubhouse and city based programming touches all of those different elements. We host conversations instead of talks and aim to highlight our members offerings.


Our experiences range from a weeklong 120 person NYE gathering at our home in Tulum to a family ski trip with 20 people to the Yellowstone Club in Montana. And from beautiful summer trips to the mediterranean to hosting the World Cup finals inside of a refugee camp in Uganda. HABITAS is on the search for the most inspiring locations, places, times and events and we’ll be continually creating new trips and opportunities to experience the world in a myriad of different formats.


We look at hotels a bit different, we call them our homes and as members we get to use them as such. Each home is designed for connection with yourself, nature and others. Currently we are open in Tulum and building in Namibia, Malibu and a small island in the Bahamas called HABITAS | Aviva.

In Tulum enjoy our restaurant Moro helmed by Chef Federico Cappi. A private beach club, mayan spa, bar and courtyard venue. We’ve got full musical, culinary, conservation, environmental and wellness programming all year.


HABITAS | RISE is our philanthropic effort to create community, set up cultural infrastructure, help rebuild, and inspire areas that need it most around the world. Projects submitted by our community are supported by each one of us. Together we have the ability to disrupt old models and create direct impact.

Rise creates community through culture. We help rebuild and inspire areas around the world. Reframing philanthropy and moving beyond "giving back," and instead working with, inspiring, and connecting with people around the globe.

As more and more humans are forced to flee their homes because of social, environmental, and economic unease; as urban environments grow and change; as cities spring up in precarious locations, we believe that physical space holds the key to creating strong communities.

The first project in Uganda is designed to change the refugee experience by offering solutions, programming, and public spaces created and built by refugees themselves. By involving locals and refugees in co-creating solutions to this crisis, we are enabling them with tools, dignity, and inspiration. As the ones most deeply affected by forced migration, locals and refugees hold relevant knowledge and insight as to how to best create sustainable models of survival and governance. Our work empowers and enables them to do so.

Our team has decades of on-the-ground expertise working with populations of under-resourced communities around the globe. To find the most innovative and compassionate solutions to today's most pressing issues, we work in collaboration with local governments, international NGOs, designers, social entrepreneurs, bridge-builders and wall-breakers, dreamers, and doers.