We believe in a life filled with purpose and inspiration. We believe life is about human connection and the people we are surrounded by. We’re not interested in defining ourselves with labels and material possessions, but through the experiences we share and the memories we create. We identify with a shared set of values and a mindset; And we believe that giving is more rewarding than receiving, because the more we give back, the more we can change the world.

So join us, as together we build our future and grow our global family. We will gather at unforgettable events, connect at our clubhouses and stay in our homes around the world and we will live inspired!


The HABITAS member family is a participatory and curated group of incredible people from around the world- all connected through our common values and mindset.

We ask that each member make a contribution to support the efforts of organizing the spaces & experiences we will share together. We hope that you will contribute and participate much more with your ideas, energy and presence as these are much more valuable than money and will shape the future of this community.

-Annual Membership-
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